lillithschild (lillithschild) wrote in boys_of_sgc,

Carson Fanfic

Spoilers for the ep with explosive tumors. 

'Kay, so I think that Carson got screwed. So I'm writing about him...I'm also bored and avoiding homework. 

Title: Watching
Rating: PG
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Carson
Summary: Carson should not have died like that...I personally think that both Carson and Janet ascended and this is what Carson thinks about that. 
He didn't know how it happened. One minute he was walking away from an emergency surgery, and the next he was watching as his friends, his family, pushed his casket through the event horizon. There were times when he hated Earth for Pegasus had become Home, not Earth; and as much as he missed them his family, his people, were here in Pegasus not back on Earth. Therefore Atlantis should have been able to do as they wished with his body. He had always wondered who would sing if he got an Athosian ceremony. 

As he watched he wondered if this was Ascension, and if it was how long would it be before someone told him how to get back home. 


So, someone tell me what you think please!!! It's the first story I've written. I'd like some constructive criticism. 

Thanks for reading!
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