Sali (salivia_baker) wrote in boys_of_sgc,

2 McShep Vids

First: This is McShep, so everybody who doesn't like the idea of McKay and Shep together: keep away ;)

Second: I'm not a vidder and won't pretend to be one, so don't have that much expectations, never the less I think you might enjoy them at least you may like the song(s)^^

Third: The Vids^^
Titel: Love will find a way
Song: Love will find a way from the Lion King (2) Soundtrack
size: ~16MB
Type: wmv
or watch on youtube:

Titel: Du bist für mich der Sommer
Song: Du bist für michd er Sommer by Die 3. Generation
note: it's a german song but I think you might get the idea of the vid which is that Shep is in love with Rodney, who loves Kolya even though he's mean and not good for him.
size: ~43MB
Type: wmv
or watch on youtube:
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